Seven Asians were honoured for their selfless and devoted agenda in furthering the welfare of their fellowmen through the 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Award.

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III lead the presentation of awards. He also had his congratulatory speech at the end of the program.

The recipients of the highly-coveted award are Tadatoshi Akiba of Japan, Huo Daishan of China, Pan Yue and Fu Qiping both from China, A.H.M. Noman Khan from Bangladesh, and Christopher and Ma. Victoria Bernido represents our country.

The award which remembers the late president of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay, is the counterpart of the prestigious Nobel Prize. This annual event was organized by the Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation lead by its Board of Trustees.

The awardees are chosen for their unrelenting advocacy of uplifting their nation as well as the whole Asia.

Akiba is a three-term mayor of Japan who pursye the stopping of nuclear proliferation. Daishan is a journalist who take care of the Huai River which benefits million of residents of China. While Khan’s advocacy is for the people with disability, Pan Yue and Fu Qiping strengthen environmental protection. Meanwhile, the Bernido couple fosters quality education through science and technology.

All of them except for Pan Yue and Fu Qiping accepted the award at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Reports said they have their personal reasons for not attending the ceremony.